A World That Doesn’t Care

As I replay the song I posted with yesterday’s post in my head, the line that goes  ‘I was born too late, to a world that doesn’t care’ replays over and over again. And it really puzzles me, whether this line speaks truth. I love History through and through, for reasons I will share in future I’m sure, and the greatest thing that it has taught me is that the people of the present decide the future. The today we are living in is the result of the pain, blood, sweat, revolutions, riots, protests and most of all the living of our ancestors and the history we study tell us about how we landed up here. 

It appears that if you compare today and a decade ago, the greatest changes that you spot are all a result of people caring ‘enough’- I suppose if nobody cared about anything nothing would change. And lately I’ve had some thoughts input by writers at the Singapore Writer’s Festival panel discussions and there were remarks about how Singapore was emotionless, we were crazy, even stupid, because we could tolerate anything, we had no opinions to express or thoughts about changing the status quo and we so comfortably conform. 

To all that I disagree, just based on the number of complaints we ourselves make every day, we obviously do have opinions and if we zoom into small things that happen in the day like a stranger thanking you (happiness), someone shoving you on the bus (annoyance), being unable to aim the key into the keyhole at one try (frustration), thank goodness we have yet to become emotionless robots. I think also as a result of history, we have come to think that sometimes it’s better to just work around what you have instead of going to war and causing thousands of deaths. You can never have a perfect utopian idealistic world so we have learned to work around our perspectives, learn to look at things differently to get by as happily as we can be. And that’s great!

But I do agree that we have to learn to express these thoughts so that we can better understand each other. This is why we were inherently given eyes and ears to listen and look and learn, we were given a mouth to express what we think and I suppose now fingers so we can type the thoughts we translate into words. So there, if you have the language to express yourself, do. Because as you speak for the tolerating masses, you contribute a little more to allowing those with a different perspective a new take on an issue. And if we all just get by and not say anything, I’m afraid one day we will become completely close-minded and utterly self-centred. 

The thing is, we can learn to be flexible with our opinions and appreciate what we have instead of fruitlessly causing bloodshed about stupid things that can’t be perfect. But at no point should we stop trying to communicate our ideas and understand others, because at heart after all, I think we all do care.


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