Mission: Restore Hope


Throwback to yesterday when I went past an exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum- as part of Biennale 2013, the Telok Blangah prison wardens have asked every prisoner to write within a certain word count what they most want to say to the public or people they love; this called upon many of the prisoners to reflect and voice out their greatest dreams and heartfelt messages to the public. 

I think if asked consciously, we would all say we accept ex-prisoners the way they are as long as they’ve served their sentence and shown sincerity in changing for the better. But do we really? I admit if I met an ex-prisoner up front I would subconsciously have chills sent down my spine and be slightly wary of this persons true intentions or ulterior motives. I may even practise my self defense moves in my head, just in case. I don’t find fault in myself for that because it’s only natural for one to be wary. But yesterday as I read these messages I was reminded of how at core, they’re still humans like us with desires and dreams, hopes for their futures and guilty conscience. And some of them were maybe at the wrong place at the wrong time and a split second wrong decision landed them in prison serving their sentence. 

Here’s a message I read and my reply, just food for thought and they’d be there for a while so do drop by and let’s give these people a little more hope in mankind that we are all a part of. 





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