There’s Nothing To Do


Hi! As the weekend begins, here’s some things you should be sure to check out:

1 Singapore Writer’s Festival (1-10 November)

Read the books and meet the authors! This is for all the ardent fans of certain authors, those interested in Singapore Literature works or would love to check out the writing scene in Singapore. Here the stories of these people and the stories that they write are presented to you in parallel and there’s a whole array of activities that you can be a part of at affordable prices! The $15 Festival Pass itself allows you entrance to many exciting events, and all the other workshops and symposiums are at affordable prices too (except the 3 day pass please choose wisely) So here’s to a week of excitement for book lovers!

2 Public Garden Flea Market (just get excited, it’s next week)

The favourite flea market comes along tied to yet another Arts Event in Singapore- Biennale 2013 (which I will elaborate on later) Here the handmade crafts find themselves congregated in this humble abode every fortnight for all hipsters out to find new unique trends. This weekend is a must-go at the Peranakan Museum along Armenian Street. If you can’t make it next Saturday from 1-7PM, you can still follow their mailing list to find out when else they’re on. It’s a refreshing take on conventional fleam markets and definitely worth a visit!

3 Biennale 2013: If the World Changed

One of Singapore’s biggest event in the arts scenes, a collaboration by many museums around Singapore to show different Southeat Asian artists’ takes on their imagination of how the world would be like if it changed. I personally think it’s impossible to go for every single exhibit because there’s way too many so pick and choose from their large array and let your imagination run wild with every showcase. There is much to look forward to considering they have talks, symposiums, the open house (which is today) and many more all put in place and mostly free.

Looks like there’s lots to do this weekend!

P.S. Are you a woman who loves a moustache and care about raising awareness and funds for men’s health? Be a Mo Sista today! HAHA or if you’re a guy you could be a Mo Bro, that works too. Read more about the Movember Singapore Movement here:


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