Get your passes write away!

Been stuck in my head, and my sister shared this with me recently, I LOVE PENTATONIX TO NO END.

Anyway today I was at the Singapore Writer’s Festival, sitting in about three Panel Discussions on various issues and listening to at least 8-10 writers with very passionate and well-read moderators. I’m not an ardent literature fan nor an absolute book-lover of any sort, I think being a literature student has contributed in my interest in literature over the years, that’s all. And I am one for stories, I believe that because there’s so much we can do in a lifetime, we can’t learn it all and know it all so the way to know and learn the most we can is to eavesdrop and listen hard to people’s stories too.

Just to give you a little sneak peek into the panel discussions I sat in today-
1 Keeping the Faith
Speakers discussed how relations with religion inform and shape the creative endeavours they went through and about how religion plays a part in the politics and the dynamics of our society today; I personally thought it was enlightening seeing the writers’ views on religion and I found parallels between theirs and my opinions at points so it was very relatable

2 Get into your Discomfort Zone
While on the road, the writers often look back at home with fresh eyes- and hear the writers talk about their travel diaries and how this has played a part in their creative writing processes and given so much inspiration for their works. I thought it was interesting because that’s the reason why I write in this blog too, for example, though not as professionally as them but I saw how each travel made them look back at their own homes in a whole new way and taught them the ways around new cultures

3 The Writer in a Country’s Intellectual Life
This was my favourite because the speakers each have overlapping roles, writing for various purposes and here they spoke of the kind of restrictions they have to consider when writing for the different purposes (based on the publicity of the works and the target audience). It was food for thought for me because they spoke of how we today are equipped with the technological tools to share with the power of language but the education system and society doesn’t allow us to put these tools into good use nor give us space and develop a culture where it’s welcome for us to bravely contribute our opinions into an open debate

I truly enjoyed myself today but right now my feet hurt and my brain is slowly going into standby mode. So if you liked what I talked about in this post it’s never too late to get your festival pass and join in the celebration today! (It truly felt like a celebration of the literature scene in that area today and as you see festival goers making their way venue after venue to catch their favourite authors speak, it brings some sort of adrenaline through your veins too)


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