Behind the Missing Phone

Behind the Missing Phone

Let me tell you the story behind this picture.

On a breezy afternoon upon leaving school from Farewell Assembly, a bunch of us were going to chill out and have some fries, maybe drop by for karaoke and just let loose. But the turn of events began when one of us misplaced our phones and that was the start of a whole new adventure in itself.

The story is she had left it on the counter of F21near Orchard Central, and in the minutes after she left and realised, upon returning to the counter again, the phone was gone. I think the realisation of the phone being gone unleashed a whole array of possibilities and questions from who? where? to why? The F21 staff said nothing was reported and same was said by the numerous information counters and security guards we approached as we retraced our steps that afternoon.

The whole time while I called her phone over and over again hoping someone would just pick up I had lots going on in my head- at first I assumed someone had taken it accidentally and possibly didn’t know where to go with it. But after almost 70 missed calls, I was almost certain someone had stolen it with no intention to return it. Behind that missing phone, many ugly images appeared in my mind- mostly of greedy people or selfish teenagers.

At this point while some insisted that there was still hope and that they were certain the person took it accidentally and with no intention to steal, I remained sure about my judgement.

Then moment of truth, an old woman picked up and explained that she had no clue how to operate the phone nor return it to its owner but didn’t think it was wise to leave it with the F21 staff. So she brought it home hoping her husband could help her with it. Basically in the end we made our way down altogether to Holland Village right to her doorstep and retrieved the phone eventually.

I was pretty confused because I was unsure if it was wrong for me to have such little faith in humanity and the people’s kindness. I guess while acknowledging this bad people we don’t have to necessarily jump into conclusions about everyone being bad. But at the same time, being wary of the evil could keep us slightly more protected from being disappointed by the misplacement of hope.

So it’s time we found the in between; well at least I know that when I’m the one making the choice taking sides, I’d like to be the random stranger proving one with little hope in mankind otherwise.


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