Dedication: N(athaniel) Y(ee Shin) L(ye Zheng Bin) A(udric)

Throwback to two nights ago (I was waiting for Lye Zheng Bin to upload the photos of us so that I could include it in this post, but the post couldn’t wait so here goes) 

The National Young Leader Award has been a journey to remember, from the day I was approached by my teacher whose faith in me has given me this amazing opportunity to two nights ago when our journey through this award ended in a beautiful ballroom. First, congratulations to the award winner Audric! His inspiring story, I’m sure, would continue to touch the hearts of many and bring hope to countless people who learn of his story. 

And next I’d like to talk about how this has been less of a competition, an award winning ceremony and less of a challenge; more of a fun adventure and a new set of family members introduced into my life. I think every award finalist has inspired me in their own ways with what they love to do and what they do, and how these two are aligned, almost parallel in their lives. The kind of encouragement they have been to me and the recognition that being a finalist in this award has given me has been motivation I can’t describe simply in words to keep doing what I’m doing and be proud of sharing what I do.

Also the new connection that we have found with each other, including the very very inspiring and supportive Halogen staff have been the best moments that I’m so thankful for. Here I’d like to point out that they are the kind of people I least expected to cross paths with (who knew I’d find people whom I could relate to and learn from and have fun with all at the same time?!); and for that I am grateful to no end.

The lessons learned are countless and I can’t describe exactly how these months of growing, learning and supporting each other has been for us| so here are some photos instead! 


First picture altogether when we first met



After we prepared cupcakes, certificate and thank you card for the staff! Here’s where we spontaneously celebrate ZB’s birthday too! 


So glad to be part of one of Halogen’s biggest days: NYLD 2013


Read about the most powerful lesson being with these people have taught me!

Special thanks to the finalists who walked this journey most closely with me, great things await us in life, let’s go! 


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