Checkpoint: Farewell Assembly

Someone once told me that as we grow older, because we accumulate more and more years of memories and experiences, time seems to past faster and faster in our minds. This is because as we flashback through our lives, there are more and more memories to account for. So when it finally sank in that today was farewell assembly, I was like ‘wait, what?’ because for a bit it was happening all too fast.

The thing is, graduating is neither some kind of wildly exaggerated ending that’s magnified to be THE grand finale of my life and all relationships I’ve made in RGS nor the cut-off point for any memories that have begun here because in the very first place, I am graduating with the closest friends at heart and this school compound, the juniors and the people that hold so many memories will continue to exist for yet a few more years.

Instead, to me, graduating is a checkpoint.

Because time flies and by this time next year, many things that are etched so vividly in my mind right now will become figments of my memory that I can never experience again the exact same way. This is how it works- at present because you’re feeling it there and then, the experience is most real; but once that moment passes, it is but history that you can’t replay. Yet these memories are the ones that slowly shape us into who we become. I remember promising myself before entering this school to ‘not let anything change me’. At that time it worked in my head, that no matter what happens in this school and what goes on, I wouldn’t lose myself to this school (rather, not let the school’s every aspect govern my life and the kind of person I became). Whilst I don’t think I let the school govern my life after all, I can’t say I didn’t change at all because of the school because I did, the commitments and decisions that I made along the way, played big parts in deciding the kind of beliefs that I hold strongly today.

So today as I leave this beautiful place that holds amazing memories that I know I cherish so much but can’t rewind to experience again, it is a reminder that as a move on, every experience is precious and I’d like to cherish them before they pass me by into that very small fraction of my flashback in the future. And at this check point, I’d like to keep track of 10 things my experience in this school has taught me while it’s still fresh in my mind (that I’ll share another time, sorry)

I dare say no two persons in my batch I’m sure would have had made every decision the same way upon entering this school and hence everyone has been shaped differently from the start to the end of our RGS journey (which is, but a check point); but as we move forward into more years of countless possibilities and leave and cross many other paths with different people, I hope we still hold true to ourselves and let this RGS journey become a small but valuable fraction in the flashbacks of our lives- at least for that bit, we crossed paths and we share that fraction of memories in common.

P.S. I hope I make sense because right now I’m just feeling like: ‘wait, what?’


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