10 Things My Alma Mater Taught Me

The 10 things I learned from RGS:

1 You can’t expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself: It’s just like how you can’t respect your teachers if they don’t command that respect from you, if you never learn to appreciate what you have and cherish your strengths, no one will be able to understand you for you and love you for you.

2 There are a million things you can’t control: I used to think we had little out of control and there are many things that we can make choices about, but school has taught me that there are rules in place and there are systems to follow; there are reasons they are in place and if you can understand that reason, you will understand its importance and why you have to let those things control you, sometimes.

3 There are a million and one things you can control: Yet the final decision for everything lies with you, and if you end up doing something you don’t like for 4 years, you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

4 Life is easier when you look at the good: Don’t be quick to criticise everything- it doesn’t make you look cool or smart or intelligent or superior. If you’re too busy looking for the bad, you will miss out on all the good

5 Sometimes you have to let go: People change and things that happen for a moment don’t determine what a person is like forever, so if someone does anything to hurt you, choose to let go. It doesn’t have to be because you forgive, but just because you making the choice to hold onto it, does you no good at all.

6 Keep promises to yourself: It’s ok for people to break promises they make with you, you can’t control that. Learn, though, to make promises with yourself; and keep them.

7 You’re an RGS girl, not a superhero: Despite the expectations that everyone has, they have little idea how much is really on you- only you have a clear idea of that because you know of the expectations you have from every aspect (parents, teachers, peers, juniors, seniors). And then the only one to decide for yourself, which are the ones you can and want to strive to meet and which just simply should be let go of. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure just because you can’t do everything in the world.

8 Thank people: I always imagine the school would be a more enjoyable place to be in if we all learned to thank people for the little things, from non-teaching staff and teachers and peers, we don’t have to wait for Teachers’ Day or Friendship Day or something to make each others’ days and make gratitude part of a culture that could lift our spirits and encourage the heart constantly.

9 Serious today, lame tomorrow: Things that seem life or death today, may be things you realise to play no role at all in deciding what kind of person you end up being tomorrow; so learn to take things easy

10 Social loafing is serious: It is very very easy to just sit back, relax and go with the flow, to do things just because everyone else is doing it and make friends with people just because it’s convenient and for your benefit, it makes your life easier; but if you think about it, it also makes your life more meaningless because then you lose your identity in exchange for convenience.

Thank you RGS!


7 thoughts on “10 Things My Alma Mater Taught Me

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