Somewhere in between

I’m not sure why of all the things we may do numerous times, the firsts and lasts always appear more important. Today was the last day of proper lessons in school, somewhat. But of all the other days we had options and core only, there wasn’t that special tingle as we did, in actual fact, the exact same thing we’ve been doing for the past three weeks. I remember being year 4, the first day was special, walking into school as the ‘oldest girls’ in school (or at least that’s what they call us) with our heads held high and pinafores clad just the way we like it. 

We’re always talking about our first impressions and first times with a person or doing something, because I suppose that’s how our story with this new xxx that has been introduced into our lives begin. I remember the first time I stepped into RGS and my first OM team. All these came into my life as milestones and shaped much of who I am today. And at the same time, I know my last day in RGS coming just around the corner and my last OM team would be just as, if not even more, memorable. 

I know I like to be part of people’s firsts. I like to be there at my junior’s first class back in something she’s passionate about or be there to support a friend’s first experience at donating blood for example. I want to be part of that story that she may tell one day about how this xxx came into her life. And I guess it’s yet another of my obssessive ‘I want to be part of everything’ feeling, but sometimes I know I want to so much because I know how precious firsts are; and part of the love and care I feel for people involves me wanting so much to be part of their first. 

However, tonight I’d like to bring attention to something besides the firsts and the lasts- and I think I’d like to call them the ‘in-betweens’. They say the process is more important, how you arrive at the final result is more important. And in many ways, they are. Just because this isn’t your first or last time, doesn’t mean you don’t treasure it. I think taking for granted the ‘in-betweens’ is a very bad idea because first of all, you don’t know for sure if they’re going to be your last. And if lasts are really so important to you, then surely these ‘in-betweens’ which could very possibly be lasts are extremely precious as well! Oh yes and don’t forget that all these ‘in-betweens’ are lessons that teach you how to get the most out of your last. It’s like signing up for a course and only going for the first and last course, I’m sure that’d be very fruitful! (yeah right) 

So today I stand up for the ‘in-betweens’ because everyone’s so conscious about the firsts and lasts, they forget that in-betweens are possibly even more important. And from today onwards, I think I’d give myself credit and value for the company I give to people’s ‘in-betweens’ instead of undermining them just because they weren’t firsts or lasts. 


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