Going on Holiday

Today I turned down an offer to go to Thailand for two weeks with my grandparents over the holidays, there are many reasons I said no to this seemingly amazing pleasurable escape route to a busy holiday working and doing all the things on my holiday to-do list which I promise to share sometime but I guess as much as this idea of escapism was pretty appealing at first, I have weighed the factors and decided not to go. 

The reasons why, I shall not elaborate here but this thought process made me recall the last time I went overseas. 

OM has been my ticket overseas for the past three years and each time is an eye-opener because I don’t go on holidays often. My last family holiday was in Primary 4 or something to Hong Kong/Bintan. This year was exceptional, comparably the best because of company and here I hope these pictures give you a little idea of the kind of the fun I had. 



When people say they’re ‘going on holiday’ we quickly assume that they’re going overseas for a vacation. I’m not sure if that’s the actual meaning of ‘going on holiday’ because to me that just sounds like I’m taking a month or two off from work and having some fun, regardless of whether I’m going overseas or not. But because every holiday everyone around me goes overseas with their family, I sometimes give what I do and how much I enjoy myself in Singapore less value and credit than it deserves. 

But not this year. 

Here’s to the last time I went overseas! And to the fellow Singaporeans who’d be in Singapore while everyone take off to elsewhere for the holidays, I’m with you bruddas!



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