I used to think that prettier I was, the more seriously people would take me or the more they’d like me. But as I came to terms with the fact that I’d never be able to change the way I looked, the height to which I’d grow or the layout of my facial features no matter how I try; that’s when I realised I had to stop defining self worth with looks.

It may be true that good looking people win first impressions, and these first impressions could possibly bring you far. But just because you don’t fall under good looking doesn’t mean you are deprived of all these ‘privileges’ and you’re from a ‘different class and standard’. I think we have to start taking different perspectives to have a fuller picture- you see even while good looking people win first impressions, they don’t necessarily get the chance to prove anything else about themselves or they don’t get the satisfaction of earning things from their capabilities, they almost completely rely on ‘the luck factor’. Whereas for those who aren’t good looking, the options are left open, you can pick up skills to prove your capabilities and choose where you want to end up with this character, these abilities.

This doesn’t mean though, that there is a clear line between good looking and otherwise; because from here we have to learn to look beyond that absolutely superficial construction by luck, because any person is much more than what they look.


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