Must go: Chinese Garden


Same day a few months back, I was discussing excitedly with Phionna a long-awaited plan. Being adventurous westies, we had wanted to challenge ourselves to walk back home from school on one fateful day. We made grand plans- I searched routes and we discussed ammunitions that had to be packed. But on one fateful night as I discussed its feasibility with my dad and was convinced it was a waste of time, adventure time for the westies was reduced to a morning jog around Chinese Garden. 

The last time I was here would be the 2011 Jurong Lake Run 5km, some marathon of some sort I don’t quite remember. And compared to then, there was no crowd to speak of when we visited today. A humble place covered within an hour’s walk, this place has numerous beautiful sceneries (that I didn’t manage to capture because of my lack of camera during the jog) and many chinese heritage monuments that are worth a look! 

I think as we immersed ourselves in the culture and heritage, the chinese stories we’ve been told from young and the architecture within; I found myself feeling pride for the strong values that these stories of actual people were taught to us since young. From national pride to filial piety, I thank these Chinese figures for teaching me all that. And I am lucky that this visit reminded me. 

Thank you adventure buddy for the company with the most laughter!





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