More than just teach

ImageHere are the OMers I’ve stayed close to since being in the same team last year, and one day I will tell you all about them and the memories I’ve shared with them. They are practically the closest batchmates at heart from OM besides my teammates this year. And the amount we’ve learned and grown together, can only be attributed, at least that 80%, to our coach. (P.S. really love this photo of us from this year at the airport though we were in different teams this year)

Tonight I’d like to talk about a teacher who has brought a lot of support and inspiration for majority of my years in RGS and he’s none other than Mr Chua, my OM coach for year 2 and year 3, but also the teacher who never stopped being my source of support and understanding even till this year and this day. He has watched me grow through my years in OM most closely and understood how things worked in my mind best without me even saying.

Today I was reminded of that as I went to sit in for OM auditions; the first room that I turned to was the hands-on spontaneous room because I knew he’d be there, and I’d feel most welcome and comfortable there without a doubt. He’s the best coach I know, who encourages ideas, trusts us whole-heartedly and he’s an OMer at heart himself in every way. The number of risks he has taken with us over the years and his team every single year, allows for the most growth in all the members under his lead. I take every opportunity to thank him for his company and for the kind of inspiration he has been for me, I’m sure as I leave this school he’d be one of those I know I can come back to to talk to and seek understanding from.

The number of times he’s supported me from a breakdown because of stress from OM or the number of times he’s sent me home lest I die from overexhaustion, are countless. And the number of times he has stayed beyond ‘acceptable OMer’ hours just to solve problems the team have together with us, or the number of times he’s picked us up from a failure, those I’ve lost count. The more I think about it, the more I lucky that we crossed paths and till today I still can find support from an amazing teacher like him.



They say that our school have little dedicated teachers who believe in what they do, and little are willing to engage students beyond an academic level; they say teachers in our school don’t always have time and energy to care about us as people. But meeting teachers like him, I’d beg to differ.


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