Crossing Paths

If the lives that we live can be described as paths that we walk along, then when people meet, I suppose our paths are crossing. If you think about it, it’s completely amazing that in the many many places your path could have started in the world, it started in this one country; and of the many degrees of turns your path could take, it took this particular degree a turn that led you to cross this other person’s path. So for every person that I meet, I’d like to think it was a miracle we crossed paths and though we can’t have all the knowledge and experience in the world, we can accumulate as much as possible if we listen more and devote more into relationships with the people whom we cross paths with. 

After my bad day yesterday, the first thing I did as I headed to school at 4PM today was walk into the DnT lab in search of some light-hearted company that could keep me preoccupied in my thoughts. But the conversation I was looking for became a confiding session for me as Mr Ismail invited me to share my troubles and what happened with him. The tradeoff? That he’d share with me his stories and his lessons learned in the years he’s lived probably twice as many as mine. I’m glad we crossed paths. 

And today was CO Farewell, here I learned that the paths with which we cross don’t last forever. It could be the plate tectonics working its way beneath the Earth’s crust or the winds blowing from all directions, but our paths are diverted after some time. Sometimes that time is fixed, but most times there are many unexpected things that may happen, so never take the time when these paths are crossed for granted. 

I think before I go to bed tonight I’d like to keep track of those whose paths are crossing mine right now, and be a little more conscious of them. So that I wouldn’t realise what we have only when our paths have diverted. 


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