About Time

About Time

Yesterday I watched a movie called ‘About Time’ and it’s been one of the most moving movies (alliteration haha!) that I’ve watched for a long time, and without spoiling the movie, here’s the gist of it: There’s a man who can travel to the past to undo or do things so that things turn out differently, so he makes use of this power to find love and protect his loved ones; through which learning the value of time.

I used to think that it would be a great power to have to rewind time, to be able to go back and do something a little differently. To undo an awkward moment, to do something impulsive; and to correct everyday to be a ‘good day’.

I read somewhere before that there is no way to relive a memory in your head no matter how vivid you think the images are and how clearly you think you remember how you felt; so I suppose that means everything’s in that moment and there’s no real way to redo that moment. I also read somewhere that if everyday we were to rate how good our days were upon 10, if every good thing that happened added 1 point, every bad thing that happened deducted 2 or more. Which means we pay so much more attention to the bad things.

Yesterday I had a really bad day, or so I thought, I would’ve rated my day a negative 10 if I had to give it a score. But now when I calm down and think about it again, if I equally weighed the good and the bad things, that would be
-Watched a good movie (+1 point)
-Received cookies from a junior (+1 point)
-Went to a friend’s house for fun (+1 point)
-Someone hurt me (-1 point)
That would be 3 VS 1, and it my total value were still positive, it was actually a pretty good day.

In the movie, the protagonist first thinks he has to live everyday twice so that he knows what to expect and he doesn’t have to live the day full of worries (what if this happens or what if that) but he learns later that there’s no real need to live everyday twice, it’s best the first time. If we give the same amount of credit when appreciating the beautiful things in every moment from a stranger’s smile or one thing that didn’t go wrong instead of fruitlessly worrying about things we possibly can’t control, I’m sure we’d start to have more ‘good days’ than bad.

So flashback to the PICNIC I had last Saturday when I thought it didn’t go as well as it did because there were so little people, I think I’d recategorise it as a good day because of the splendid company that I had.


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