Throwback Tiong Bahru


I remember the first time I fell in love with adventure times and cafe hopping started in this neighbourhood with my sister; and there’s a kind of trust that my parents have when we sisters go out together so that gives us a kind of liberating excitement to do whatever we want and look out for each other! Here I admire the shop keepers holding onto their rental spaces over the years to continue to keep Tiong Bahru one of the best cafehopping neighbourhoods and one where you can truly immerse in the ambience of walking down the narrow corridors or secluded alleys without feeling unsafe (in fact very much contrary to that, a very comfortable belonging)  


Here be sure to check out Forty Hands, Books Actually, Woods in the Books and Plain Vanilla. People love Tiong Bahru Bakery but I’m not really a bakery person, I’m more coffee, haha but it’s worth a visit so on a day you’d like to walk through quaint alleys and let great coffee bring a smile to your face, this is your place (be sure to tell me how it goes or ask me along I’d love to come!) 


Thanks to my adventure buddies Swan and Li Yin who made the trip even more enjoyable! 



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