Happy birthday Swan Yee!

Happy birthday Swan Yee!

Today we celebrated Swan’s birthday in a very special way and I’d just like to say that in the short span of two years I’ve known Swan, we’ve only gotten significantly closer, spending more time together in the last term and I’m really thankful we got to because Swan despite the seemingly otherwise words she uses, has lots of love in her heart and she has genuine concern and support she has begun to show me from the period of time we became classmates. Dear beautiful and intelligent LATE COMER, we love you with all our hearts and hope you had a blast today!

Birthdays are pretty important to me because I think it’s a little milestone I use to keep track of my life- who my friends are, who I’ve lost over the past year and who I’ve found, I take my birthday to thank all those who’ve stayed and catch up with those I’ve lost, or in some cases, let go of those I should. It’s a good time for me also, to appreciate myself a little more, and learn who I’ve become over this one year through the sincere notes you always get from those closest around you. I’m not sure how birthdays are for others, but though my bad memory can’t accomodate so many birthday dates, when I know them, I make it a point to show them I appreciate them and tell them why.

Some say ‘we should love and appreciate them everyday, not just their birthday’, which definitely makes sense it’s just, ‘birthday’ brings it to a whole new level for the one day in a year. Happy birthday Swan, thanks for the friendship!


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