Sew Lucky

It’s cold tonight, and I am mentally and physically exhausted from being out since morning (accompanying to my grandparents to church with my sister), then family lunch and spending every other hour till 9PM working on my first dress for myself! I’ll probably talk about the trip to the church some other time when I’ve figured out what I want to talk about or what I feel about this whole religion thing, it’s terribly confusing to me. 

But tonight as I think about how I spent this satisfying Sunday, I feel very lucky- to have something that can keep me completely occupied for countless hours to the point where I am driven by adrenaline and the drive to finish what I’m doing. I am thankful that there’s actually something that requires so much thought and dedication, that I feel not just willing to commit to, but it literally makes my heart race thinking about completing it. And not everyone gets that rush of excitement about something nor has a consistent plans to do something they love because they simply don’t know what it is. And so I’m thankful; and the road that led me to it was definitely exploration and taking up countless challenges open-mindedly, so tonight, I celebrate the passion I’ve found for sewing and crafts. Whether it’s a short term interest or not, I intend to make it count while it lasts and thank you to all those who let me mess up the house, encouraged my seemingly boring dream of the days like ‘let me make a dress out of this’. 


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