Sponsoring a Child

Sponsoring a Child

Hi, on a lighter note, today’s highlight would be PICNIC 1345! I enjoyed an enjoyable picnic with food and drinks provided, busking in beautiful music and great company at SMU green from 430PM till when it turned dark. This picnic was organised by a group of students together with the support of World Vision International, a great organisation catering to the protection of the needs of people in the developing countries and yet again they had a booth set up for Child Sponsorship admist the food collection area. And I’d just like to say at the sight of booths like that, my heart skips a beat.

I think I feel for these kids half way across the world because I’ve been in their age in my childhood before yet I enjoyed the luxury of a much more blessed, fortunate and privilieged childhood than them; and they are my reminder to appreciate that and continue to be thankful everyday for what I have. To me, they have so much potential to grow up and be great people, but it’s their predicament that cripples them from doing so. We have those crutches to help them through it and emerge stronger than we ever can be, and they aren’t expensive at all. And that’s why, I decided and will continue to sponsor my child.


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