Here, let me he…

Here, let me help you with that mask

Sometimes I feel pretentious and when I feel so, it’s disgusting. It’s disgusting to me to have to pretend to be something else I’m not, say things that I don’t mean and pretend to laugh at something not funny at all because then, while trying to fit into a certain expectation or image, I lose a bit of myself. 

Just two years back, I entered a Youth For Causes team through acquaintances and I was thrilled to be involved in such amazing unity of passionate youths for that certain cause (as the name suggests). It was exciting to know that we were empowered to carry out our own action plans and do whatever we could and wanted to, with all the energy we possessed as youths to contribute to something we cared about. But NO. I was disappointed to find myself amongst many who were involved in the project for any other reason but their belief in the cause. I read people inside out subconsciously (sometimes in a very unnecessary way that makes me overthink) but I like to stay silent and observe to learn more about the people around me and decide how better to interact with them without losing myself and while getting to know them much better. 

But sometimes sitting back and just observing shows you the ugliest truths, because as a bystander, you can see all the masks. The fake smiles and the put-on temporary slang, oh especially the artificial agreement as if one has no views of his/her own. So here goes, once in a while I fall into that trap too because peer pressure or the fear of being ostracised or judged negatively is too overwhelming to ignore. But then, it’s stupid.

Because if we all continue to be fearful of this and that, as we continue to create expectations for each other to have to put on masks to fit into, we are fueling this vicious cycle. As we put on masks for ourselves, so will other people and we can all be a world of artificial people with no minds of our own together- like robots (yay!) You know what the worst part is? It’s that when others put on masks, we can tell at a glance; but when we do, we think no one can. So unless we want to be robots with no views, I suggest we all start taking off these masks and come to terms with being comfortable with who we are. But it’s all a matter of choice so if you choose to keep that on, I’ll help you with it. 


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