YOLO excuses: yay or nay?

Here’s a little tune to make beautiful your night. I play this on loop as I think about how I’ve spent today: Friday mornings since options started have been piano lessons, then a good jog followed by lunch with my sister, then French O levels paper (super happy it’s over) and Tiong Bahru Adventures with Swan and Li Yin.

I always think about what I have done, maybe it’s part of the whole planning OCD urges that I have but above that, it’s because as I lay back in my chair (or in today’s case) the couch, and think about how I’ve spent my day, it never fails to bring a smile of satisfaction to my face.

A random thought ran past once- is it really practical to live like everyday is your last? It got me thinking because people always seem to abuse ‘YOLO’ excuses to do things we don’t quite want to think twice about or to make sure we don’t have to face anger from regret later on, from pulling a prank on someone, doing something embarrassing to maybe practising a random act of kindness for a stranger. Sometimes it seems like we’re just escaping thought processes that comprise of sensitivity and awareness to others. And as I thought and thought about it, I once concluded (and still stand by it) that YES.

Yes, I approve of YOLO excuses because goodness knows when we’re going to live till and if a car comes by and knocks me down now (touch wood), no shit I want to be able to say I’ve lived a life I’m proud of and one that has been fulfilling. The power of YOLO mindset is that it gives you double the amount of courage to do things you really should but things from expectations to confidence, all these largely external things are stopping you. But honestly we are the only ones that matter because we are the ones who experience our life and death and decide what goes in between!

So YOLO to all the things you know you really want to do but ‘reality’ stops you, or YOLO to the expectations you have to meet but you just can’t handle the pressure of it, and YOLO to the adventures you want to make before you know it these places could be gone. Don’t keep anything to ‘tomorrow’ or much worse, ‘next year’ because YOLO.


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