Tonight I am annoyed at people who don’t mean what they say or abuse language to hurt others. 

From the beginning of language, I’m pretty sure it was largely designed or at least today it has been adapted to be the most important tool for communication- to express what we feel, think or believe to people we care about and for what we want to be heard by others, to be said. 

So why then do we say things we don’t mean or try to hurt others with what we say? Sometimes interpretation makes up 80% of how what is said is translated into what is understood and ‘it’s all a matter of perspective’ they say. But exactly because of that, aren’t we equipped with yet more vocabulary and words to elaborate such that what we mean is exactly what is understood. Language has been so welly developed and educated to some of us to the point where we have everything we need to express what we think, and that’s such a luxury (imagine the pain of those who can’t express exactly what they’re feeling and are often misunderstood by others. You really think it’s because they don’t want to talk about what they think more clearly? It’s because they simply can’t) 

Yet those who can, misuse and abuse it. Do you find yourself giving passing remarks that have little significance ‘just because’? Or do you sometimes say things intentionally to evoke some sort of confusion or hurt just because you know with those words, you can? Well don’t, because it’s stupid and because if you misuse language like that you don’t deserve to be educated with the grasp of language any more than others who can’t afford education for example but have so many more valuable things to say than you. 

My English Language isn’t the best of the best and I am thankful mostly for the fact that I can even say most of what I want to; so to all the people with superb wonderful amazing beautiful unlimited vocabulary but misuse them to hurt, despise, taunt, take advantage of and say things you don’t mean, stfu. 


One thought on “STFU

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