Exciting Things Ahead!

Exciting Things Ahead!

Here’s some exciting things to look out for if you’ve nothing better to do with your time this week (: We always create lists after lists of ‘Things I’m going to do After the End of Exams’ or some kind of short term milestone. We imagine the life after the nightmare of studies and exams to be way beyond heavenly but what we often forget is that we ourselves create and decide how this time after which is spent.

And with the Internet on our side, there’s little you can’t find through the web so here’s a few headstarts for you:
(Events worth sharing I’d say)

1 PICNIC 1345
1345 million people in the world today are still living in the vicious cycle of poverty and their families will continue to add to this number as time goes by, this number is only going to increase, but here’s a picnic that you can use as your first step to do a little something to be part of the revolution to ‘bridge the gap’. Priced at $15 this Saturday 19th October, the picnic from 430-730PM is situated at SMU Green and would be a worthwhile afternoon spent, I’m sure!

2 Run For Hope
When it comes to cancer, I always believe the monetary support would be the most practical since cancer research all the way to treatment and equipment advancements, money is what they really truly need above everything. So let’s make the run for it- I’m also using this as a little milestone to train towards so hope to see you there!


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