Thoughtless Days

Since Saturday, I haven’t quite been thinking about anything at all and you can say I step into a limbo state where I’m still doing things I do, hanging out, going on mini adventures and checking off more and more things off my little bucket list (in my head, really); but in the midst of all that, I’m living like I’m in my own world. 

I don’t consciously remind myself that there are others around me that I affect and let that go through my head each time I choose to do something; I make many decisions just because I want to (sorry to all the people who’ve been unknowingly affected by my selfish desires) and here are times when a good friend I have from NJC comes in to remind me that I’m important too. 

He taught me many things and he never fails to do all the right things when I’m tired or down or just lazy about everything. He could speak for my mind or read my thoughts whenever I needed, I’d like to take this time to say I’m very very thankful for him and I guess having met him was nature’s physical reminder to take care of myself because with him I can have the most carefree of times just being myself, and I can tell when he means what he says and when he doesn’t. Thanks for the 7 years and counting. (I’ll make sure he reads this) 

And thank YOU for reading this terribly boring post of endless ramblings, here’s little food for thought (literal food): (we can choose to live everyday in ignorance because ‘ignorance is bliss’ and complain when ‘unfair’ things happen to us; or we can use what we have to help those in a much more ‘unfair’ and bridge the gap. Sit back and relax or start today with the little ways. Sign up for Picnic 1345 today, see you there!) 


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