Right time, Right place

Hi, today I didn’t get ice cream at Chunk Fest which I was really looking forward to (because I love ice cream). I had spent all my money earlier in the morning on a Sushi Tei trip and didn’t save enough for the ice cream. That made me disappointed for a bit. (For a lot actually, but I’m ok now). But in the period when I was upset, I thought about how ‘unlucky’ I was.

There are times when things don’t go exactly as planned because of small factors, a mix of circumstance, fate and luck maybe that don’t quite go the way we want it. And I am one who plans. So that happens pretty often I guess, and it really does mess with my mood sometimes. But I think while I acknowledge the importance of luck in everything that we do, I prefer to think that no experience is ever ‘bad’ or ‘wasted’. Nothing that happens unexpectedly is necessarily an entirely bad thing.

Say my ice cream today was bought and all went well, I’d prolly have been elated, on top of the world. However on closer, second thought, I might’ve made a really bad decision because that was 6$ ice cream for a small single scoop, which is completely ridiculous for me normally! So possibly that was blessing in disguise!

Humans are creatures of habit.

We aren’t accustomed to having unexpected things happen to us or have things not go the way we want or expect it to, but on closer note (especially because it’s true we don’t always get what we want), maybe it’d be easier if we choose to look at what this unexpected ‘unluckiness’ has brought- don’t just look at the bad things (like your plan getting ruined), look at the good too!


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