Numbers that define

I like replaying songs over and over on while I do things, it’s just a habit and I don’t know why I do it. And the above song is what I’ve been looping these days. Anyway completely unrelated to the brilliant day I had out with Esther celebrating the end of her exams and catching up, options in the afternoon then out cloth shopping after cake with Sherby; today I’d like to talk about the numbers that define us.

This morning on the bus I finished the book I’ve borrowed from Li Yin, ‘The Timekeeper’ by Mitch Albom- it’s basically about the essence of time, it’s a beautiful book that almost brought me to tears at the end. And in which, somewhere, it states that we often let the numbers of minutes, seconds and days define our lives.

We often let numbers define us- our weight define our beauty, the number of likes on a photo to our ‘popularity’, our age define our capability, our GPA define our intelligence and the list goes on. And today I’ll attempt to convince you that these numbers are so much less than who we are.

Boiling down to basics, I’m sure the mathematician, the very first person who came up with numbers, never intended for them to define people and much less demoralise people. Our weight is merely a count of our mass x the force of gravity’s pull, if you’re 53kg or 55kg the next day, that’s just it- it doesn’t mean you’re uglier today than you were yesterday. If over the year you put on 5kg, that just means you have grown (which is a good and natural sign). Food weighs something, you know? And if that really bothers you, maybe you should get your ass to working out.

I shan’t talk about GPA and popularity tonight because that’s a whole new issue altogether but let’s talk about age, another thing we can’t quite help as time goes by- we age. We grow older by the day and we spend more seconds on this planet, well… by the second. But to me there’s little correlation between capability and age. Just because I’m 16 doesn’t mean I can’t get a job, think for myself, make decisions for myself and do something about things I care about. Just because you’re not 50 doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your childhood or preach about things you’ve learned from your experiences. You never know when opportunities may slip us by and youth is precious- the kind of energy and enthusiasm bound within us is powerful. So there’s nothing you care about that should wait for you to be 30 years old.

As I somehow landed up learning knitting, crochet, going for yoga classes, pilates training and dress making courses, the level of judgement for being involved in it at my age has been pretty significant. But I did it anyway, because age doesn’t define what I can do. It’s stupid. ‘Too young’ is therefore a very bad excuse for not doing something that you want to, that’s right in front of you.

Don’t let those numbers define you, you’re so much more.


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