Sisters by destiny, Friends by choice

Since I have yet to sleep, to me now it’s still 10th October 2013 and today is still my sister’s birthday. So today’s post, I’d like to dedicate to her.

It’s difficult to talk about how close we are, how much we love each other and the countless memories we have shared. As I grew up into my pre-teen and then teenage years, this 4 years older of a sister has been more than just a family member who has showered me with love, advice and company more than anyone else could offer. She has been the best friend I could count on whenever and wherever I needed. And it was a few birthdays ago that she had written a quote to me, describing our relationship as ‘Sisters by destiny, friends by choice’.

I’d like to start this endless thank-yous and showing off to you, of what a brilliant sister I have as a tribute to her on her 20th birthday by saying that I acknowledge that it is a very blissful and fortunate thing to be friends with your sister (upon learning that sisters are not necessarily friends, through observations of my other friends with their siblings).

And I am even more blessed to have a sister who is a best friend.


1 Thank you for the time spent

There is not a day when either of us are busy for various reasons and we could easily live by our lives, doing our own things, getting by to doing whatever we must because there is this endless amount of work from school, social life, media etc etc etc that we could be doing instead of hanging out.

But almost every weekend, we choose to spend time with each other. So thanks for the Saturdays and Sundays, thanks for the time you’ve made just to be there for me when I needed company.

P.S. you are the best company


2 Thank you for the learning together

I love my sister because she is one of the most open-minded and spontaneous people around, so together we can have all the fun we want to have and we can talk about anything under the sun with an open mind and a big heart. The way she is willing to learn from every experience, every thing I share with her or every single person she meets is what inspires me to continue picking up whatever I can from my everyday life too. And I have bad memory, about a lot of things; yet somehow I never forget things she teaches me, or times when we’ve learned things together.


3 Thanks for the consolation

I cry a lot because I get emotional when I don’t understand things or I get really frustrated when I can’t seem to put my thoughts together. During the OM periods, it is even more so because I often feel overwhelmed by the workload, by the commitment or by the physical and mental exhaustion that it causes; and it results in a very disoriented me at home. But it is this beautiful person who always keeps me back on track, reminds me who I am and helps me understand why I’m feeling or acting a certain way.

She is the first person I look for for any consolation because I know she’s the one who’ll have all the right things to say and I can always believe it because she really knows me inside out, outside in, in every way possible. And that to me, is so so valuable.


4 Thank you for the trust

I never ever lie to my sister, ever. Just because there’s nothing to lie about, I know with every action I make that I share with her, there will be genuine listening, no judging and the best advice given. There is no end to the amount of trust that I get from her and this faith is possibly what gives me strength in some of the hardest times.


5 Thank you for the love

Believe me when I say that the love that my sister has for me is very very special. I’ll attempt to talk about it some other time but let me attempt to grasp the gist: that is, she cares and I never have to doubt that she doesn’t. I don’t trust easily all the time because I can’t seem to think of a good reason why someone would care. But with her, I know she does; somehow, I just know.

And I do stupid things, a lot, and feel stupid for them, but somehow in my sister’s eyes I’m always beautiful.

So thanks for that sis, this one’s for you. I love you, happy 20th birthday celebrating 2 decades into your magical life!


2 thoughts on “Sisters by destiny, Friends by choice

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