I Found Out Who’s Been Stealing our Time

It’s 12 midnight but I have yet to get any part of my French nightly revision nor my chemistry and art homework done because I’m still doing up something special for my beloved sister’s birthday just tomorrow. And I find myself thinking ‘I wish I had more time’

Time is tricky, lately Li Yin lent me her latest book recommendation ‘The Timekeeper’ and I have yet to finish it so I shan’t say much but the funny thing to me about time is there never seems to be enough. And whilst complaining day and night that there isn’t enough, we keep living like there’s always going to be a ‘tomorrow’. Isn’t that ridiculous? How can we have insufficient time all the time, and yet constantly leave everything to ‘tomorrow’ or ‘later’.

I read somewhere that ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’. The way I constantly tell myself ‘Ok I shall do this tomorrow’ and choose to do something ridiculously less significant instead now is the very reason why I always feel like I never have enough time. In year 2, I spent my December holidays watching a recordbreaking 30 Korean dramas (drama addicts would understand, it’s simple!) until I finally realised how I was pushing all these other things I told myself I would do once December holiday came aside and decided to get my ass off that chair and get down to business instead. It was then that I fully committed myself to volunteer work, family time and lots of work at macdonald’s.

Some people think it’s stupid, or impossible, to live like every moment is your last but I beg to differ. I think it’s a pretty legit thing to work on for who knows what may happen in the next moment? Why wait till later to thank a friend for what he/she has done when you can do it now? Why should this piece of assignment wait till tomorrow when it can be done today? Or why should you wait to start a project you feel so passionate about and do something for yourself next year when the only thing stopping you from doing it now is yourself?

It’s stupid because how do you even know you’ll have that ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next year’? Opportunities don’t last forever and the situations around us, and ourselves, are always changing.

Once we’ve come to terms with that, I suppose we will start to savour every moment and try our best to make each second count. Every second is the same, they are just as precious and important so make each of them count and don’t let things you care about wait because we all know, ‘time and tide waits for no man’. In elaboration, a minute on a ‘normal day’ is just as important as a minute on your birthday or a minute during an exam or a minute at night while you sleep.

Spend them well (by well, I just mean wisely) All it takes is the willpower- it’s all in your head- to convince yourself howeverL A Z Y  you may be, if this thing means enough to you, you’ve got to get your ass up and going and stop pushing things to ‘tomorrow’.

And to avoid a lack of willpower to fight this battle against time slipping through my fingers tomorrow, I’d better get back to work and sleep soon. Good night!


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