Why I love to Travel

Today I travelled. 

I had a loong walk from school all the way through Orchard, Somerset, Dhoby Ghaut, passed by City Hall and Bugis to get to Clarke Quay just for to visit a cafe that ended up closed. But that didn’t make the entire journey any less worthwhile thanks to the amount of catching up Tricia and I managed to do (for the longest time ever) and for the beautiful buildings I always only passed by in a flash on the bus. 

And then I travelled back in time during Chinese Opera options with the external instructor who brought Opera’s costume and make up (my favourite part!) to class today and allowed us to truly immerse in the art.

So I felt that today, I travelled.

Travelling is such an overrated verb, I don’t have the luxury to go overseas every holiday or anytime I just feel like going back to a city I want, so I’ve learned to appreciate that travelling doesn’t require a faraway city from your dreams accessible only by plane or lots of money ready to spend on cheating souvenirs.

All you need is willpower, an open mind ready to learn and of course a destination you really want to get to no matter what it takes. It’s the thrill of arriving at that destination that would bring excitement to your travel and significance to your experience. And upon arrival to my destination, I become a sponge, absorbing every inch of the beautiful sight of the interior design of the place or architecture and learning as much as I can from the knowledge encapsulated by the place. I try to make friends with the ‘natives’ of the place, and understand their ‘culture’. Most importantly, I take deep breaths and enjoy the atmosphere. I like to find an adventure buddy because the kind of memories made through a travel is so much more memorable and special than any other kind of date.

Grab your adventure buddy, pick a destination and free up some time to get yourself there; enjoy!

50 CANS: On average, Americans recycle 2 out of every 3 aluminum cans they use. We’ve gotta keep up, Singapore!




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