Hi, can I have 12 minutes of your time to listen to what I have to say?

As I keep in check my week of fun, surprises and excitement with another week of options and adventure; Saturday has been the peak- a great end to my week, of course with the company of my sister. Let me summarise the 12 Fun Parts in this 12 hours I spent out!

Part 1: 11AM at Toa Payoh LibraryImageImageImageImageImage

Art of Folding Options requires us to make a trip down to the Toa Payoh library to check out this origami exhibition which displays origami artworks by origami lovers aged 8 to 70. It’s pretty amazing how this hobby has lasted and developed when really boiling down to basics, it’s JUST folding paper. Although it really isn’t a passion I can quite understand or relate to yet (because really, isn’t it just a waste of paper to fold and fold and fold, when others out there don’t have enough paper to even write on?), but I guess there’s a kind of connection it brings to people considering it has fans from such differing ages. My respect goes to its ability then to connect people beyond age and communication barriers, just by the love… of folding paper. It was an eye-opener. 

Part 2: The Art of Folding Team


Honestly if not for the appointment with these people I would NEVER have dragged myself out of bed to take a train allll the way to Toa Payoh from 10AM in the morning, so thanks for the company guys. 

Part 3: Residential Beauty overlooked



I’m not sure if Toa Payoh residents realise/know/remember or constantly remind themselves what a beautiful neighbourhood they stay in. Maybe because we see some things every day, we tend to forget to appreciate them- after all presence is easily taken for granted and the lack of absence is all the more hard to detect. Sometimes I forget that my neighbourhood is beautiful too. 

Part 4: Return to Old School Delights


Recommended by Li Yin a couple of weeks back, I felt the need to bring my all-time best adventure buddy- my dearest sister back to share the joys of dining in this lively place. The kind of appreciation and emphasis this place puts in immersing in the memorable things about our past is hard to find anywhere else, check out www.oldschooldelights.com/

Part 5: It’s about who you’re with



And I don’t think my day would’ve gone half as well without the company of my sister. She shows me half the places I know and teaches me half the things I understand today, so I thank her everyday and make it point to bring her to wherever I love, in hopes that I can share the happiness that the experience brings me with her as well; just because I think she deserves every bit of it.

Part 6: OSD FUN



Of all the cafes that provide board games or books for you to enjoy while you dine there, I must say OSD specialises in the classic Old School Games that are definitely a joy to play with! Those modern board game cafes shall wait! 

Part 7: OSD Food



Great food, ambience, entertainment- grab the best company you’ve got today and head down to Old School Delights for a delightful meal at an affordable price (: Just 15$ could get you a main dish and a drink! 

Part 8: Primary School Fun


When was the last time you took neoprints? Mine was my birthday with Nicole, and because I didn’t have enough time to use up all the coins I got, there’ve been a couple of coins lying in my bag for a while now and today we decided it was the thing to do! Heading down to somerset yet again today, we had some old school fun with the machines! 

Part 9: The Secret about Neoprint booths



My favourite part about neoprints are no longer the fact that you can instantly print many to split amongst friends, the neoprints themselves being stickers nor the fact that you can doodle and draw all over your faces. My new favourite part is the lighting. These booths have some of the best lightings you can find and no one’s really stopping your from whipping your own camera and snapping a few more than the photos that they’ve arranged for their machines to take for you! 

Part 10: The friends we make

Image Image

My sister and I are very very friendly Singaporeans. One of the favourite parts of our adventures is not just the places we go to, but the people we meet. When we go on our adventures there are the down sides when we feel like we’ve run out of places to go or things to do, times when our feet hurt like crazy or when the weather is terribly humid. But that’s all worth it when we make the days of people we meet along the way. Here’s our new friend- Ivan (the busker from yesterday). 

Part 11: Feeling beautiful



Whenever I can, I like to dress up because it makes me feel special, because I’d like to think I’m worth dressing nicely and presenting myself well. What you wear determines how you carry yourself and how you feel, it’s proven. Everything’s in the mind, it’s true but what you wear contributes to a big part of that! So especially when I go out on weekends, I like to spend that extra minute at my closet deciding what to wear, because it’d play a big part on how my day plays out. 

Part 12: I love you Because

I don’t have a picture for this, but to end of our day we caught a play by Wee Kim Wee NTU Paparazzi Crew who put up an amazing musical full of energy and zest as they proudly presented an entire musical they put together from scratch all by themselves. Honestly I was impressed not just by how well they put everything together and pulled off all the punch lines and sexual innuendos on stage, but more than that the conviction with which they performed reminded me of how I felt performing on stage for OM; may that spirit of a performer never die. 



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