Talent featured: Ivan Ng Busking

Today after a very messed up day thanks to French O levels Orals, I was just headed to scape for my dinner appointment one hour early when I passed by the cross junction after alighting from 190 opposite H&M. And I was literally stopped in my tracks by the beautiful music played by this busker.

I think it’s a pity we don’t see many buskers who just busk every weekend on the streets just to share their talent and entertain, make people’s days and show passers by what they’re capable of; which is so so special. A month ago I went for the Sentosa Buskers Festival and there was an insane amount of talent there, but upon closer interaction I found out that they were mostly full time working somewhere else and never got through all the trouble of busking on the streets.

I stood in front of this busker for at least a whole 5 minutes before going to get him a can drink and talking to him. He’s just a guy waiting to go into NS, with the interest he was inspired to have by his idol to get into music where he started off and learned how to play this amazing instrument all by himself.

Now, who says Singaporeans aren’t talented?


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