Loving what you do

Easier said than done, this is the key to happiness.

I’ve worked one year in macs, less than a month as a waitress and slightly less than a year in a student care centre; all before turning 16. And the most valuable lesson I’ve learned from the experience is that the happiest people are those who believe in what they do. Whatever job you choose to pursue in future, it’s going to be more than just the money, inevitably- there are going to be people you’d be serving, there’s going to be cause you’re working for. In macs I was working for the hungry people who wanted fast food; in waitressing, the high end office businesspeople to contribute to a part of their upper class life and then in the student care centre for the smiles and growth of these bright young children.

Being the sensitive person I am, I started to look out for people who really believed in what they did, you can really tell. You can tell the difference between a movie-ticket vendor who honestly wants to find you the best seats, give you the best movie experience and those who’re doing it just because; you can tell the difference between a salesperson who honestly wants you to choose the best product suited for you, and one who just wants the commission that comes with your purchase. Likewise if you do things without conviction, people can tell.

I’ve always known it’s important and always known it’s hard because sometimes the road less travelled, is less travelled for a reason- it’s not easy to do what you believe in because of so many external factors that is a twist of fate against our freewill, what we really WANT.

But after meeting these people this year:


Honestly I’ve no idea what we’re all doing here but I love us


They’ve taught me that it is possible, and ‘you only live once’ is real- are you really going to spend that time doing things you don’t like ‘just because’? There’re too many things we do just because, from going to school, going home after school, sleeping at 1AM, waking up at 6AM, doing our homework. I’m not saying we should stop doing them, I’m just saying maybe it’s time we found a purpose we’re doing it, a reason we’re doing it for ourselves to do all that time and effort justice.

Tonight we met up for dinner for a bit at Botak Jones @Somerset and enjoyed each other’s company chilling out at the Halogen Office which has almost become home for the kids. I am so thankful to have these people around reminding me the joy of having conviction in what you work for and commit yourself to.


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