‘Say people say yourself’

Hi, do enjoy the above beautiful music above while reading what I have to say today.

I was rereading what I posted last night and I felt terribly upset, so after school I took a ride down to Holland Village to visit an ice cream cafe (check out in my previous post!) With this little treat for myself and the impending rainy evening, I thought I’d talk, on a lighter note, about why being a giver is not all bad.

Today our culture is a little hostile because eye contact with strangers is a little too intimidating, there’re too many possible implications of offending someone, ending up in a stabbing incident or sending the wrong messages. But the problem doesn’t lie with people getting increasingly unfriendly but more because we make too many assumptions about what others think and what we should do.

We need more givers, people who actually believed that good things should be shared and that happiness is contagious. If people actually put their hopes of a kinder society into action starting from themselves instead of empty words, then just maybe we’re a step closer to that.

We are too quick to judge and so are others; because of all the judging going on, less people are open about what they say and we feel more restricted on what we can talk about. Say one day you don’t have to worry about “what if they think I’m (insert characteristic here)?” before talking about how you feel or what you think, wouldn’t that be great? Or say one day you are greeted by smiles or acknowledged along the streets by people whom you walk past, wouldn’t that make your days brighter?

I think sometimes we spend too much time waiting for someone else to do it, while we talk and talk and talk about how it could be better or how you wish the Singapore culture was. But really it’s the people that make the place, we’re the ones who decide how our lives go and how this country’s culture may evolve with our generation.

There’s a limitless number of things we could attribute to our lack of action for things we just dream and talk about, but they’re all excuses. We have to stop being selfish because we don’t live in this world alone and if you’re better off than anyone else you’re just lucky, you didn’t deserve it any more than someone else did. Be thankful, and share and rejoice what you have.

We can play the blame game all day long but remember whenever you point one finger at someone else, you’re pointing four at yourself. ‘Say people say yourself.’


One thought on “‘Say people say yourself’

  1. hey shermzoz you don’t have a cbox and it feels so strange and formal to leave to comment but!! I just wanted to tell you you’re a great great person, your posts touch me a lot, especially this quote (remember how we saw it together at SAM hhahaha) which I think I’ll remember and keep on reminding myself with (: continue blogging please and all the best for your french oral tomorrow!

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