The Giver

Today, allow me to endlessly ramble:

There are many parts of my personality, how I think, feel, work or make decisions that I have come to terms with; and one of which is that to some extent, I am a giver at heart. And with that the greatest challenges that I face sometimes, is self care. 

They say that the givers, the ones who think for others, who try to do what they can for those around them to be supported are the most lonely; on most days I beg to differ, but tonight I will talk about why I agree. 

Givers are, by nature, born to have this sixth sense that thinks for others almost as much as they do for themselves. I have so many friends like this around me, and when I see a giver I make it a point to think beyond what they say and help them think for themselves. They have this magical power of love, that helps them think beyond themselves, but sometimes clouds their judgement of what may be best for them as well. In other words, they forget to think for themselves. 

Everyone is a giver, in one way or another, some more than others. But being a giver is hard, because if a normal human being’s sensitivity to your own needs is level 1, they’re not just at level 2 where they can think for someone besides themselves, they’re at level 3 where they put the needs of others beyond themselves. Don’t blame them for ‘bringing it upon themselves’, because most times they can’t help it. I know sometimes when I choose to meet someone else’s needs besides my own while depriving myself of something I want, I don’t do it necessarily because I ‘REALLY WANT TO’, but just because they will both make me feel bad, but not giving will make me feel worse.  It’s like a special power (that sometimes I wish I didn’t have)

For me, the hardest part is taking care of my own needs, there are nights like tonight, when I feel upset for no good, concrete reason (or so I think) and it isn’t that I’m not doing things that I love or spending time with people I enjoy the company of, actually I can’t even tell what it is. And the power of the giver that most of us have if we are just willing to use it, allows us to see the needs of others crystal clear, yet when it comes to ourselves, we’re helpless. 

Anyway if you got to this point of my post, I thank you for the heart you had to listen and urge you to find that giver by your side and express your gratitude today and try to help that giver. He/she may be hard to identify because givers are silent, but always there you get used to their presence it’s almost taken for granted or forgotten. 

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