Life in Slow Motion

Sometimes I wish I could see everything happening in slow motion.

Our generation, thanks to technology and advancements have everything in fast forward- messages sent in fast forward, travel to destination in fast forward, even homework done in fast forward (thanks to It is definitely a good thing to have our efficiency level up up and up! And we can barely imagine the unproductive, slow rate of development we would possibly be in without our easier access today to practically everything we want or need.

But is being privileged with ‘speed’ necessarily a good thing?

Today I took a walk downtown, past far east from school, down Scotts Road and along Orchard Road to my most favourite Starbucks nearby school. (Thanks for the company adventure buddies Li Yin and Sarah)


And for me that was the best way possible to start October because in that one adventure I did many things that allowed me to slow down:

First, I walked instead of taking a bus and to me that slows the trip down a lot. It makes a world of a difference because then you’re forced to be conscious of where you’re going, you have to look up instead of being fixated to your devices. And whilst looking up and ahead, you see different kinds of people sharing the same road as you but for very different reasons, and you can think up the most interesting stories about their background and where they’re from, what they do. Then if you take that one step further, you’d be trying to greet these people with smiles, or trying to look at the shops by your two sides and think about their displays or the idea they’re trying to sell to their customers.

And second, this most surreal and lovely Starbucks is like no other, it gives you the most panoramic view of Orchard Road and the passersby below you who barely notice you, yet sometimes watching their every action might just make you understand what you sometimes do better.

Lately what I’ve been observing through this window gives me a somewhat lonely feeling because there is little interaction between people on the streets, half the people are looking down, rushing somewhere, using their devices, listening to music. It seems like we are all living in our own worlds at our various speeds.

So whilst we bask in the privilege of being able to enjoy ‘speedy’ everything(s), especially so-called ‘speedy’ connection to people through the virtual means, maybe it’s time we ask ourselves if we were really connecting ourselves to more people, or less. Since caveman times, human engagement has been key for survival and that’s what true connection means, but this speed is necessarily creating an illusion that we’re getting all of what this true connection encompasses ‘speedily’.

I beg to differ, and I challenge myself to live in slow motion once in a while.

50 CANS: They are free, just need to be trasported to the recycling facility.

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