Spontaneity: the start to all adventures

Sometimes I think to myself, if my life would be more interesting, more exciting if I planned just a little less. My MBTI personality type is ENFJ which suggests with the “J” that I am super organised and any bit of my day unplanned feels either like wasted time or gives me an insecure feeling that I don’t enjoy at all. So it’s really really hard for me to not plan for a single day.

But when I actually think about it, maybe I do have the most fun when I just spontaneously plan my next steps as I go, visit cafes along the sidewalk as we pass by or pop into the DnT unexpectedly in school; maybe it’s easier to just ‘go with the flow’ sometimes and spontaneously follow a stranger to his/her destination just because he/she needs your help directing him/her there.

I read somewhere that we love patterns and as humans we love knowing what to expect and doing things we have done before because they’re ‘safer’, they’re known to us, and the results are more ‘reliable’. But really sometimes when we give ourselves the little excitement of doing something unexpected, something different from you usually do, you will realise that it does amazing things to your energy level and that in itself, is an adventure. The difficulty lies in convincing yourself that it’s OKAY to do something which consequences are unknown to you just once.

Above is a video I chanced upon a while after I got home, and it made me think about how we never give others or ourselves the platform to be spontaneous. Whenever I make plans with others, it’s always ‘let’s meet here and at this time and do all this’; but maybe once in a while I should try ‘Hey, let’s meet here at this time, and we’ll see how it goes from there’.

50 CANS: Aluminum is a sustainable metal and can be recycled over and over again.


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