Throwback: Dress Making Class


Here’s where I intend to spend my Saturday afternoons. 

It’s been a month since my last lesson because my sister and I couldn’t find a Saturday we were both free and all, but finally today to accomplish the promises I made to myself (one of which, to return to dress making class by the end of last week), I went alone. 

There’s a kind of peaceful atmosphere immersing myself in the project for the lesson while listening to like minded aunties (haha this sounds weird but really the rest of the people there are a generation away) chat and laugh and reminisce. Yesterday my sister couldn’t go for class with me because of reasons and I was really lonely at first because I practically talk to no one but my sister in class. But I guess that made me listen so much more, and try to understand these aunties a generation away that bit more.

It really puzzles me how they think sometimes- do youngsters seem like a nuisance to them because they remind them of their lost youth? Or is it because they can’t understand the things we do or why we do them? Does our age really decide how much we know and understand about the things around us? 

I guess age is but a number and the real difference lies in the whole set of experience that we get over the years we live, I mean it’s very different being in the 21st century as a teen and in the 21st century as one in the 40s or 70s to say the least. And though I’d never completely live it and breathe it the way they do, I think I’ll understand how they think and what they’ve been through bit by bit just through listening, and maybe one day I’ll get it all figured out. 

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