Places Featured: My Sunday Adventure

Sundays, to me, are the start of the week; and I make it a point to spend it doing something that would energize me for the rest of the week. And today was spent with the all time favourite companion- my sister. At this point i’d like to show you two places that we visited today and if you’d like to follow our footsteps on a splendid weekend, you’re welcome to visit these places next week (on the condition that you tell me about it)

Places Featured 1: Public Garden Flea

I’m not going to lie to you, just like Haji Lane, this fortnightly flea market doesn’t exactly offer the cheapest, most affordable buys, but I dare say for first-timers, this flea market is an absolute eye-opener. The curators are carefully selected to make sure each and every one of them present a whole new spectrum of ideas and creativity to the flea market. For the best experience, go there equipped with money, an open mind and be ready to pick up their namecards, take lots of pictures and ask them about their handmade goods or their experience with creations.

Whilst enjoying the shopping experience also, don’t forget to grab your cup of coffee from Oriole Cafe (who has become one of their regular vendors) or try some of the cupcakes or pastries by the present vendors.

Find out more at and don’t forget to tell me about your experience! It’s my sister and my favourite hang out when we run out of places to go but disclaimer here: too many visits may makes it boring if you can recognise all the regular vendors ):

Dotting Hill sells very special tattoos for any special occasion!


Places Featured 2: Sidewalk Gallery Cafe

Just round the corner from Dhoby Ghaut Prinsep St/Beside YMCA, there’s a little hidden cafe opened by an NUS initiative for the mentally disabled. They serve ice cream 1-for-1 on some days if you’re lucky and they’ve got molten lava cake for 6.50$ as well. The service is kind and affectionate though it can be sunny due to the lack of shelter 😥 however do support their cause anyhow and like them on


50 CANS: Although great care is taken to rebuild the land after mining, changes do occur as a result of mining that are detrimental to the surrounding environment.


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