People Feature 2: My Dad

People Feature 2: My Dad

Tonight I went to watch Watoto Choir for the second time and it was still as magical, still as touching to see the kind of genuine happiness in their faces and eyes as they performed. But this time round it was exceptional thanks to the company of my dad.

I think no one would ever be able to give me the kind of strength my dad gives me, and sometimes I don’t give him enough credit for the sacrifices he makes for me, the countless things I believe in that were really all taught to me by him, the times he listens to me and the commitment he puts into our relationship. There are times when I feel like he doesn’t understand me enough, but he makes up for all that just by the amount of effort he puts in to try. For the lack of words he has to express his love for me, I see it through his actions. Whenever there’s something I want to share with him, I see him paying double the amount of attention once I begin the speak and there’s a kind of responsibility in the promises he makes with every agreement with me to be somewhere at sometime.

And tonight I guess I just want to say, there’s nothing like a father’s love and thanks Dad for being here for me tonight.

(One day, I will find the courage to read this post to him aloud and tell him how much I love him)

50 CANS: Recycling is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle. (If you don’t know why I’m doing this, refer to prev post)


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