10 highlights of the week

To me the start of the week is Sunday, the end of the week is Friday and Saturday is a transition day where I find myself taking a break from anything school related, unless absolutely necessary. Friday nights are also the days when I check back the promises I made to myself about things I wanted to accomplish in a certain week and find out if this has been a week worth celebrating or have been the slave of procrastination. So here I proudly present to you the 10 highlights of the week!


1 Sunday: Haji Lane with Nicole

I had a short post about this but I failed to elaborate on how much I love the company of this girl, the times we share together are indescribable- we can practically read each other’s minds and our emotions can effortlessly go in sync. We share an amusing love-hate relationship so sometimes we can’t share each other’s company for too long, but the Sunday adventure was a great start to the week and I look forward to whatever other time we will continue to spend together now that end of years are out of the way!


2 The Company of Bellyboing

Photocredits to juju, this week we celebrated Sarah’s birthday, there on the table you see the wonderfully baked cake by the talented Li Yin and this is us early in the morning all gathered for a mini surprise for the birthday girl! I just wanted to say that Sarah is an amazing amazing girl who never fails to encourage your heart and say the words you need to hear when you most need them. And the company of this bunch is irreplaceable! I think there are the friends that you can have fun with and laugh together, and there are those you can share every detail of your life with without doubting if they really care. They are a combination of the two and every moment spent with them is filled with laughter and joy, for that I am beyond thankful. 


3 Exercise: Pain is weakness leaving the body

I make it a point to run at least once a week thanks to the influence of my exceptionally sporty family, and now that we’ve gotten end of years out of the way, I have made exercising regularly part of the plan! This week I jogged a couple of times in the school gym, at a canal near my house and this miniature park with a track around it (which you can catch a glimpse of in the photo above). Thanks to this week’s pilates buddies who did it with me twice this week too! (mostly bellyboing thanks so so much it was loads of fun) 


4 Glimpse of Chemistry and Art Option

Here’s presenting to you my two favourite options- one of which, Chemistry and Art. I am enjoying it so much more than I expected, it’s only been two lessons and we’ve spent them learning about the chemistry behind pigments and colours and the history of how these cavemen found out about all these chemical magic. It’s like a mixture of all of my favourite things (history and art) in the most unexpected medium (chemistry). And I’ve got great lab partners that I may show you in time! We managed to mix pigments and make them into various kinds of paints and this seriously intrigues me I can’t wait for more! 


5 Glimpse of Chinese Opera Option

HAHA contrary to popular belief, Chinese Opera option is super fun. Allow me to justify that- the teacher, first of all, although I don’t know her name, the one thing I can be sure of is that she is SUPER INTO chinese opera, it is really encouraging the way her face lights up when she teaches us about everything she knows about Chiense Opera and everything is about getting the ‘feel’. I have great company in this options and I think it’s super relaxing and fun to just watch the teacher try to teach us how to sing these weird dialects in chinese, so yes it has become one of my two favourite options as of now. 


6 The Most Important Meal of the Day: Breakfast

I think many would agree that the luxury of having a flexible timetable has allowed us to actually enjoy sleeping in in the mornings and having lovely breakfast dates with other batchmates. I’ve had my share at the start of the week at KFC A.M. which has great porridge that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. There are many memories attached to this porridge because on Thursdays when we have the extra 1 hour before school starts, I’d enjoy a bowl of porridge here either by myself or with lovely company of people I want to catch up with before the school day begins, so I’m glad I’ve found myself back here within this week. 


7 Mondays: Self Defence Course

Every monday I spent 1h in this amazing organisation’s premises learning self defense with my godsister and sister. This is already our 5th lesson or so and every session never fails to give me that bit more confidence and courage- it really is empowering me. I feel like I can stand up for myself in times of danger and I am constantly reminded that even as a girl I have the power to fight back and defend myself. It’s not easy but it’s a start and if you’re interested AWARE provides KAPAP classes every Monday and the instructor is the most friendly! The premises are situated in Dover Crescent and you can find out more about what they do here: http://www.aware.org.sg/



8 Book of Promises

Say hi to this notebook from Typo that my sister got me! It has become home to the things I’ve learned from options and lists of Promises that I make to myself. One thing that I strongly believe in is keeping promises to myself, because if I can’t even trust myself that how do I expect others to deem me reliable, and I can let others doubt me but I can never ever allow myself to have any reason to doubt me. So I make it a point to set realistic promises with myself and achieve them. Since this week I have come up with promises to myself weekly about things that I want to accomplish with every week of options since we have so much time in between and they really are about catching up with things that I love. (I’ll probably dedicated a blogpost to these promises sometime)


9 Rogers Katerega

A lot of time has been spent on this 15 year old boy over the course of this week as I try to bring some sort of closure to my class’ commitment to him- we have promised ourselves to sustain, as a class sponsorship for him for at least a year and as this year comes to an end, I hope that as a class we will make informed decisions together about how we would like to continue with this project and how we would like to sustain this project. I have also given the class the option of dropping out because really this is in no way an obligation to anyone in the class. As I’ve spent time creating a prezi about our journey: http://prezi.com/_zxixxqggmlp/406s-sponsor-a-child-journey/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy, I also thought a lot about why I’ve done this and how I see us continuing it in the future. I honestly honestly look forward to continue welcoming interested people on embarking on this amazing sponsorship journey with me, and learn about the power of influence that we have in rebuilding someone else’s life. 


10 50 Cans

Last night in the midst of surfing the web and researching, I accidentally pledged to RECYCLE 50 ALUMINIUM CANS haha and looking at the happy faces of all these people who’ve accomplished this challenge and upon reading about the importance of recycling aluminium cans I have decided that I shall embark on this mini journey to complete this challenge for myself too and do something for the environment!! HAHA so to the day I collect 50 cans and complete the challenge, I will end my post with one reason why we should recycle aluminium cans and urge you to drink a can drink and pass the empty can to me if you see me around (I would really appreciate that); or you could do your part and pledge to complete the challenge on dosomething.org! 


Thanks for reading my ramble about what went on for me this week!

50 CANS CHALLENGE: Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, as reprocessing does not damage its structure. It is hence the most cost effective material to recycle. 




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