Watoto Choir singing I am Not Forgotten

While out on my morning jog, the beautiful melody of ‘I am Not Forgotten’- one the pieces performed by the Watoto Choir was ringing in my head. And whilst these children have to be constantly reminded that they were not forgotten by people around them, I was thinking about how I never had to feel this way. I always know I have my family I can count on, parents who would never forget me, siblings who would never forget me, even till the day I die.

In fact if you worry about not being forgotten, I dare say there’d be your family who’d never forget you.

We sometimes try so hard to make the people around us love us, we want the people who meet us to be influenced by us or to enjoy our company. So we try to please our friends, meet their needs, be there for them and support them whenever we can. But family is the one, whose love, recognition and trust have all been placed on you from the day you were born, they’re the ones you don’t have to do anything to gain approval about yourself from.

I imagine that even when they say things that reflect otherwise it is because they want you to be better, so that you don’t regret who you are or become in the future. (It’s hard to imagine because when we’re in the present, we think we’re doing what we want or can and we’re being who we want to be, but it’s when we move on that we look back and realise how stupid we were) And I’d like to think, that our parents have made all their own mistakes, and if they’re over-protective it’s just because they’re so so afraid that we make the same mistakes as them, they’re human too you know.

Family is like our invisible shield. Invisible because sometimes we forget they exist and sometimes we cease to remember that they are the ones protecting us, providing us with food to eat and a shelter above their heads. It’s not easy to earn the money that they do to support us.

With that thought in mind, I just wanted to say that even though my family isn’t perfect, and sometimes I think they don’t understand me or listen to me, I know that they’re the ones who’d tell me they’ve got my back in the hardest of times, and mean it.


2 thoughts on “Watoto Choir singing I am Not Forgotten

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