People Feature 1: Two best guys in School

The two best guys in school!

In my everyday life there are many people who act as role models, companions, protectors and inspirations- and all at the same time, these two guys play the role of all the above throughout the years I’ve known them.

I am a person who thinks a lot, but more than that, the ones that make me think so much are the people involved in things that happen everyday. It is what these people tell me, teach me and the memories that we create together that make me who I am today. 

So I think it’d be something I’d like to do, to feature these people who cross paths with me and talk about the kind of influence they’ve brought into my life.

In the picture above is Mr Asman and Mr Ismail, the two best guys in the entire school! I worked a lot with them because of OM and I’m sure the year ones or the other girls from special RS programmes, even SAP would agree with me when I say they are the most encouraging and approachable teachers around. When I churn out mechanical prototypes on how to translate my ideas into actual things, they are always by my side not just watching me think but thinking with me. The one thing that I am always sure brings a smile to their faces is watching a student smile at her own completed work.

I have been through countless trials and errors with them, there are ideas that they watched me try and fail so many many times before but that never stopped them from supporting my next venture into the next model. And their generosity with materials just to give us space to try and fail is driven by their passion and true faith in the students.

I used to be one who couldn’t tell a drill bit from a screw bit, couldn’t cut straight with the scroll saw, nor handle a normal handsaw. The hardest thing was handling the electric driver and the sight of anything mechanical would bring my confidence level to the lowest ever. But in the span of three years, that has changed a 180 degrees thanks to these two companions who have walked me through my journey of growth and not once given up on me.

To this day, I can comfortably walk into the DnT and I know they’ll be there like friends to chat with me, offer me food talk about our days and what we think about what happens around us.

Today I walked into the DnT to work on a little something I’ll reveal in time. And I walked in in one of the worst moods ever, but I was still welcomed with smiles and concerned questions and looks. I thank them everyday for being those two additional friends I could always count on to back me up even when no one else had faith in what my hands and technical abilities could manage. And I am thankful everyday that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know them.


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