Haji Lane Adventures 101

If you’re looking for vintage stores with unique minimalistic styles and layouts, and you think that there’s nothing in Singapore that could be compared to Thailand’s amazing apparels, they’re all hiding in Haji Lane! Just a 5 minutes walk along Raffles Hospital from Bugis MRT, you’ll find yourself along this one late that concentrates all the little shops.

Every entrance into a new shop draws you into their unique style and ambience. Their prices may not be the most friendly, and you don’t have to privilege of taking all the artsy-fartsy shots you’d love to get, but I promise if you have yet to pay it a visit- on a day you’re just looking for a place to spend loads of money and enjoy looking and these vintage products, that’s the place you’re looking for!

Thanks for the great company nic!

Felt the need to take a picture with this flight of steps again!

Adventure buddy of the day: Nicole (thanks for the great company all day loong!)


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