The Power of Influence

Where some of the best people are!

Where some of the best people are!

Image credits: Halogen Foundation Singapore

Yesterday night, after a day of party because exams have finally gotten out of the way, I spent three hours at Halogen Foundation’s volunteer orientation: The Halogen Way. And it wasn’t the best presentation or the most exciting session but over the past few months I have had such a privilege learning so much about this place that I am thankful beyond words for the opportunity I’ve had to cross paths with this foundation.

Allow me to explain who they are and why I love them:

My experience with Halogen Foundation began last year during their annual event National Young Leader’s Day where they invite speakers to share their stories and talk about what they believe in- that’s where I found causes I felt passionate about, values that I believed in. And I’ve had such luxury working with them over the past few months that today I find myself eagerly finding ways to volunteer for them and continue being a part of them.

Spending night hang outs and little gatherings with them together with other National Young Leader Award finalists over the past few months have taught me the most powerful lesson I’ve learned in months- the power of influence. They have convinced me to believe that in each and everyone of us lies a powerful ability to influence with the littlest of actions and words in our everyday life. With the countless people we cross paths with everyday, and the minutes we share with them, what we talk about and share with them have this power to influence. Yet it is our choice what we do with this influence- we choose what we want to talk about and we choose how we want the person to be influenced. (Obviously there’s a difference between influencing someone to stop smoking or convince someone to start smoking for example; or between talking about how canteen food sucks as compared to talking about how lucky we are to have food)

So with this added knowledge today that I don’t need a position or a title to be able to influence the people around me, I spare an extra second thinking about what I’m saying before actually rambling on or thinking about what I’m doing before blindly following through with actions.

And the best part about them is they acknowledge every effort and talent, they love you for who you are and they love you for whatever you can offer! So if you want to be part of #whatsnext for them (#whatsnext is like their 10th year anniversary theme because they want to urge youths to think about whatsnext for them after just talking about what they want or hope to see in their futures, like where’s the ‘action’ part of it), volunteer for them today!


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