Getting my life Back

Y4 EYAs have been the first time since PSLE, any form of exams have called for my life (which in a nutshell encompasses exploration and discovery as far as possible), to be put on a halt. Because I don’t like putting my life on pause for any reason, I mean, there’s no good reason ever, to stop doing what you enjoy, love, what drives you crazy, makes you excited or brings you peace and joy.

But I guess this was the last lap in RG and what drove me most of the time is the gratitude to the teachers who have dedicated their days and nights to impart to us whatever they know with all their patience and invaluable advice; and fear of regret (that I’ll do badly, let people down, let myself down, be upset, wallow in an inferiority complex, be convinced I’m stupid, spend my december holidays studying)- I am pretty convinced that many things we do are subconsciously (or consciously) out of our fear of regret.

So that is why, this post is titled ‘Getting my life Back’. Haha, sorry I spent too much time explaining- after the papers I enjoyed an afternoon with the people I call family in my class at an amazing eatery- OLD SCHOOL DELIGHTS @ Upper Thomson Road. Affordable food, great emulation of the old school set up and the best part is that they have all the games we used to love to play when we were young (snakes and ladders, snap!, old maid, five stones) and they sell lots of young-time tidbits that I remember loving all my childhood.

And at one point I was thinking to myself why all these childhood toys had to remain in our childhoods to be forgotten if just the sight of them bring so much memories and laughter to us?

Anyway thanks bellyboing for the amazing adventure, and juju for the recommendation:

With this bunch, one serving is never enough!

With this bunch, one serving is never enough!


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